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Practicing some relaxation activities is a great benefit to our body and mind. It helps us not only to relax, but also to relieve the stress of daily life, work, etc ... If you are a fan of inner well-being or want to start exploring this world of tranquility for your body, what better way than to start with Yoga Postures...

The concept behind Una Tienda Común

We want to tell you a little more about the concept behind Una Tienda Común (A Common Store). What definitely motivates us is sharing a feeling of comfort in natural fiber garments for the family. Here we are going to tell you about different elements that we always keep in mind ...

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Let´s celebrate Father´s Day!

Finding the perfect Father's Day gift at Una Tienda Común is very easy! Each Dad is unique and with a different personality, but they all have something in common: they always look for comfort in the clothes they wear for whatever activity they have daily....

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Yoga sequence to relax before going to sleep

A few days ago we got together with kuyaysana in order to create a series of sequences in Yoga postures to relieve and / or help with different stresses of daily life....

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Easy Greeen juice recipe

Eating in our world today is not easy, we are surrounded by an endless supply of processed food, which reduces our healthy food options. This has created a true revolution based on good nutrition around the world! And of course, making good food choices can be beneficial in the long run....

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