Simple things, well made.

We want to tell you a little more about the concept behind Una Tienda Común (A Common Store). What definitely motivates us is sharing a feeling of comfort in natural fiber garments for the family. Here we are going to tell you about different elements that we always keep in mind ...

We chose 100% cotton garments: we think that ideally our skin is healthier if breathing daily through natural fibers instead of plastic. We consider it just as relevant as choosing to eat more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. We use cotton because it is healthier for us and the planet, as it is biodegradable as well.

Move in comfort at any time of the day! The idea is for the garments in our collections to serve multiple daily occasions, from going to the park for a walk, a low-impact sport, home office with style, spending the whole day in your favorite cotton set, inside or out.

Some design characteristics we considered for our first collection….

For the Women's silhouettes we included overzise T-shirts and crop tops in different levels to achieve a relaxed and special look; We love High waist, so we keep this in mind for Jogger pants, Leggings, Shorts and Bikers; The general idea is for anyone to be able to find essential garments with a special touch and in beautiful colors…specially developed by us! Any piece can be purchased separately, together or in a bundle pack of 3.

Men's garments for now include Pima cotton t-shirts in 2 different cuts: Slim fit, more classic shapes in straight lines and Relaxed fit, slightly looser and curved shapes. Best of all, we offer the option to buy separately or in bundle packs of 3 units with a special discount.

The garments in our Kids collections are mostly Unisex, emphasizing comfortable shapes and calm colors inspired by nature. They can be purchased separately, together or in a bundle pack of 3.


Tell us in the comments if you like comfortable clothes made of cotton and what other type of garment or colors would you like us to include in the following collections?