Practicing some relaxation activities is a great benefit to our body and mind. It helps us not only to relax, but also to relieve the stress of daily life, work, etc ... If you are a fan of inner well-being or want to start exploring this world of tranquility for your body, what better way than to start with Yoga Postures!

We teamed up with the @kuyaysana to create a series of Yoga videos for beginners, which we will communicate every week for a limited time through our IGTV videos at @unatiendacomun

These yoga tutorials for beginners with a complete spoken guide will be at your fingertips for you to practice at any time of the day, at home or wherever you prefer.

Let's remove the burden of day-to-day life together and rehabilitate our emotional well-being! Let's take advantage of all the benefits Yoga can give us!


You can see and follow the weekly tutorials in the following links (we will update as we upload them):

1. Click here to watch: Yoga sequence to improve our posture & relax

2. Click here to watch: Guided meditation to calm the mind

3. Click here to watch: Yoga sequence to start the day with energy by

4. Click here to watch: Yoga sequence to connect with our feminine energy & improve our flexibility

5. Click here to watch: Yoga sequence to release neck tension and work the core

6. Click here to watch: Yoga tutorial to strengthen the lower back and open the heart chakra