A few days ago we got together with kuyaysana in order to create a series of sequences in Yoga postures to relieve and/or help with different stresses of daily life.

Yoga sequence to relax before going to sleep by kuyaysana:

1. We work first, the right side entering the pigeon pose.
2. We move to downward dog as a transition to sitting.
3. We hug our knees to our chest to lie on our backs
4. We bend the right knee to the chest and pull it to the left side.
5. We change sides, bend the left knee and pull it to the right side.
6. We place the soles of our feet flat and as close to our butt as possible to enter the middle bridge pose.
7. We bend our knees to our chest to enter a Happy Baby Pose.
8. We repeat the same on the left side

  1. Namasté


Click HERE to watch the full video.

Tell us in the comments if you would like to learn more Yoga sequences to combat the stress of daily life. You can also tell us what other relaxation techniques you know.