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Privacy Policies

CHASING SUMMER S.A.C. (“Beso de Sal”) observes and complies with the provisions set forth in the Peruvian Personal Data Protection Law (the “Law”) regarding proper handling of the personal data of Customers and/or Users of whom it hereby requests express, prior, informed and unequivocal consent. Additional written consent shall be requested of same in the event of any handling of sensitive information.

When Customers and/or Users of the website (hereinafter the “Website”) “click”, “select”, “tap”, or other similar actions, upon request by Beso de Sal for acceptance of these terms and conditions for the handling of their personal data, it shall be deemed to constitute proper consent.

1. INFORMATION COLLECTED THROUGH THE WEBSITE Beso de Sal collects the personal data provided by Customers and/or Users through the e- forms found on the Website (including, without limitation, address, telephone and email), that is necessary to purchase products and/or for any of the purposes listed below.

2. PERSONAL DATA ACCESS AND SECURITY Beso de Sal has implemented the necessary technical measures to protect the personal data of Customers and/or Users, maintain confidentiality and prevent access by unauthorized third parties.

Access to personal information provided by Customers and/or Users of the Website is restricted. Personnel of Beso de Sal or third parties with whom it has a contractual relationship may access personal data, provided they agree to observe this Privacy Policy and Peruvian data protection regulations.

3. PURPOSE OF USE OF PERSONAL DATA Beso de Sal shall use Customers and/or Users personal data in order to: •Respond to their questions or requests •Send information or publicity about its products or sales •Manage its list of customers •Carry out market, statistical, or commercial research

•Sell its products (e-commerce) •Carry out surveys regarding the level of satisfaction with the purchasing process and/or the quality of its products •Comply with legal requirements or obligations, respond to any complaint or claim, or protect the legitimate rights of Beso de Sal, Customers and/or Users.

Customers and/or Users acknowledge that the consent granted to Beso de Sal for the use of their personal data shall take precedence over any entry in the INDECOPI “ insista” registry. Regardless of the foregoing, Customers and/or Users may terminate or revoke the consent granted to Beso de Sal at any time.

4. PERSONAL DATA TRANSFER Beso de Sal may share personal data of Customers and/or Users with third parties - located in or outside of Peruvian territory – for the purposes for which their consent is hereby granted. Accordingly, Beso de Sal may share said information with its Internet service providers, webpage and/or social media administrators, advertising agencies, survey firms, and others. Beso de Sal will not share Customers and/or Users personal data with third parties for purposes outside the scope of their consent.

5. EXERCISING RIGHT TO KNOW, ACCESS, RECTIFY, CANCEL OR CHALLENGE Website Customers and/or Users may exercise their legally recognized rights to know, access, rectify, cancel or challenge. To that effect, Customers and/or Users must send an email to with the subject: “Request – Data Privacy” or send their written request by post to: Calle José Gálvez 879, Miraflores, Lima, Peru.

6. USE OF “COOKIES” Beso de Sal may use a tracking system (“Cookies”) that allows the Website to refer to the previous activity of Customers and/or Users that is stored in its browsers. The use of “Cookies” will allow Beso de Sal to customize its Website according to the interests or behavior of Customers and/or Users. The “Cookies” data stored by Beso de Sal does not allow Customers and/or Users of the Website to be identified. However, information obtained through this system shall not be transferred to third parties.

7. USE OF WEBSITE BY MINORS Beso de Sal does not collect data from minors, given that the Website is not intended for use by same. To use the Website, Customers and/or Users over the age of 14 and under the age of 18 must be authorized to do so by their parents or guardians. If they do provide their personal data, they must also provide contact information for their parents or guardians, in order for Beso de Sal to verify their consent.

8. CHANGES TO PRIVACY POLICY Beso de Sal may make changes to the Website, as well as to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. We therefore suggest that Customers and/or Users carefully read the terms and conditions each time they access the Website and/or purchase products from the Website.